Gaffney's Back Fin

Est. 1970

Baltimore's Best"

Fresh Live Or Steamed


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415 S. Highland Ave. Baltimore, MD

About Us - The Gaffney's story


At Gaffney's, we've been in business for over 40 years.

Since we started back in 1970, we  have been crabbin' the Cheasapeake bay everyday to bring the best fresh product. 

Our crabbers are up with the sun and off to find where the crabs are moving, using years of crabbing skill and their knowledge of the water and weather.




We pride ourselves on being a family business and continuing the tradition with the second generation, both on the Bay and in our store.  Throughout the year we travel many miles of water to cover the vast harvesting grounds of the Bay



See what the reviewers are saying about Gaffney's:


~ AOL Cityguide  -  "Gotta act fast to get these crabs"

~ Yahoo Local - "1st choice for good crabs"

~ Associated Content - "The prices are very reasonable and the crabs are very good..."

~ Baltimore - "Gaffney's is all about the crabs..."