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Gaffney's Delicious Blue Crabs....

Our favorite crustacean - the blue crab- is an agressive "keystone" species in the food chain of the Bay.  These crabs have special paddles on their rear legs (called a "back fin" - get it!!)  and can zoom along under the water with powerful strokes of their back fins to hunt or to avoid predetors.  They use their strong claws to catch food and as a defense.


Blue crabs have a hard shell that they grow out of constantly.  A crab may molt many times in a year, growing larger each time.  When out of their old shells they are called "soft shell" crabs and are a super delicacy  - you can eat the whole thing without doing any crackin!!  The new shell takes about 3 days to harden so these guys will be hiding out until ready to do battle again.  The blue crab's scientific name is "Callinectes sapidus" - tough to say in Latin, but translated to English  means "beautiful swimmer that's tasty"-  And don't we know it!!


At Gaffney's you'll get the best tasting crabs in Baltimore.  Check our links on the "about us" page for some reviews of the place.  Our seasoning mix is just right and the Old Bay gives you the seafood spice without overpowering the tasty crab.  Remember, our crab is brought in from the Bay freash every day.  Fresh steamed or live blue crabs from Gaffney's - Baltimore's Best!!

Prices of  the Blue Crabs Steamed or Live 

by the Dozen:




Small            $30

Medium        $40

Large            $60

Extra Large   $80

Jumbo           $95

Colossal         $110      


Small                           $20

Mediun & Large Mix    $35

Extra Large                 $50